In 44 museums, cultural institutions, galleries and a variety of other exciting and unusual exhibition sites all over the city of Stuttgart.

Tickets for adults are available for € 20,-. Reduced tickets for students are € 15,-. A student ID is required at the box office when exchanging tickets.

Children under the age of 6 are admitted free of charge. The accompanying person of a visitor with a severe disability is admitted free of charge if the letter „B“ and the note „The authorization to bring an accompanying person is proven“ are entered in the official disability certificate.

Tickets are available at many of the participating museums and galleries and all ticket booths in Stuttgart and the entire region. Please click here for a complete list of places where you can buy the ticket in advance. Ticket-Hotline: 0711/60 17 17 35 or online for hard-tickets or print@home tickets.

The print@home ticket is only valid as a Din A4 printout. Cell phone tickets are not valid.

Each print@home ticket must be personalized for the respective ticket holder with first and last name and must be printed out individually.

You will find the link to download the ticket in the order confirmation e-mail.

On the evening of the event, it is essential to carry an official identification document with you that proves the owner of the print@home ticket.

Print@home tickets can be ordered here.

The ticket includes entry to all participating museums and galleries, as well as functioning as a VVS integral ticket for the entire VVS network. On May 21st from 12.00 a.m. onwards, the holder is entitled to use all VVS operated public transport (2nd class) until closing hour, within the entire VVS network.

The ticket is also valid for the use of the shuttle buses on the Tour Neckar from Schlossplatz to the harbor and the Mercedes Benz museum, as well as other venues.

In all participating museums and galleries, ticket bands for adults will be sold at the box office on the evening of the event for € 20,- and reduced tickets for € 15,- for students.

Tickets purchased in advance will be exchanged for a ticket band at the box office on the evening of the event when you visit a museum for the first time. Print@home tickets are only valid as A4 printouts; cell phone tickets are not accepted. When a Print@home ticket is exchanged for a ticket band, identity checks will be carried out using an official identification document.

In the case of reduced tickets, a valid school or student ID must be presented when exchanging tickets or purchasing them at the box office.

Many venues in the city center around Schlossplatz and Charlottenplatz are located within a short distance of each other and can be reached on foot from the Charlottenplatz or Schlossplatz stops.

The ticket is valid as a VVS integral ticket for the entire VVS network. On May 21st from 12:00 a. m. onwards, it entitles the holder to use all VVS means of transport (2nd class) in the entire VVS network for the entire evening and for the way home until closing hour.

In addition, shuttle buses will run on the Tour Neckar from Schlossplatz to the harbor and the Mercedes Benz museum, among other places.

In the program magazine and on the homepage, the best stop and the train and bus lines are listed for each participating institution. In addition, there is a Lange Nacht route map, in which all participating facilities are clearly marked with the appropriate stop.

The program magazine with detailed information on the „Lange Nacht der Museen“ is available free of charge at the participating museums, cultural institutions and galleries, all advance booking offices and many distribution points in Stuttgart and the region. You can also find the program magazine online in the download area.

In some museums, larger bags have to be checked or turned in for security reasons.

We advise you to only take a small bag with you.

For further questions, please contact our hotline 0711/60 17 17 35. Starting from 3 p.m. on the day of the event, a LIFT information desk on the Schlossplatz (between the restaurant „Alte Kanzlei“ and the Landesmuseum) will provide information on the „Lange Nacht der Museen“.

The law for the protection of the youth applies. This means that young people aged 16 and more may attend the event unaccompanied until 0 o’clock at the latest. If 16- and 17-year-olds wish to stay longer, a person with parental authority/authorized representative must assume responsibility for supervision; this can be the parents or, for example, older siblings, uncles or aunts. The supervisory responsibility should be clearly assigned by the parents for the event, confirmed in writing and provided with a telephone number where the parents can be reached on Saturday evening.

The covid-19 ordinance of the state of Baden-Württemberg valid on May 21st 2022 applies. In addition, the respective hygiene rules and requirements for the mask obligation of the visited facilities apply.


The new ticket holder must have the ticket changed to his or her name on the evening of the event and must show up at the information desk with an official identification document (e. g. ID card) and the personalized LNDM ticket.

Reduced tickets for students can only be transferred to other students.

The information desk is located on Schlossplatz between the Alte Kanzlei and the Landesmuseum and will be manned from 3 p.m. onwards.

After the event, contact the advance booking office where you purchased the ticket and clarify whether the ticket will be taken back. Here, each point of sale decides for itself whether and under what conditions it will take back the tickets. In the case of tickets purchased on www.lange-nacht.de, it may be possible to have the ticket price refunded in the event of a proven covid-19 illness. For this we need the proof of a personalized PCR test with date.

The team of „LIFT – Das Stuttgartmagazin“ organizes the „Lange Nacht der Museen“ since 1999.

Lange Nacht der Museen

Lange Nacht der Museen
21. Mai 2022 18-1 Uhr
Ticket: € 20,-
Ermäßigtes Ticket : € 15,-
Ticket- und Info-Hotline: 0711/60 17 17 35


Bitte beachten Sie die jeweiligen Hygiene-Regeln und Auflagen zur Maskenpflicht der besuchten Einrichtungen.